Greywater recycling

Adopting Greywater Recycling & Water Reuse Technologies

In this expert guide the water reuse and resource management specialists at Water Treatment Services look at the increasing importance of greywater recycling and how this approach can be used to reduce costs, save water and limit our impact on the environment.

The guide looks at the environmental benefits of greywater reuse and recycling, how it works, the cost and other advantages to be gained, and in particular the use of membrane bioreactor technologies.

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Seawater desalination

Is Seawater Desalination the Solution to Water Scarcity?

In this expert guide the water purification specialists at Water Treatment Services take a look at the use of seawater desalination processes, how they can be used to counter water scarcity by creating drinking water, what’s involved and some of the wider issues that need to be considered before investing in a processing plant.

The guide looks at the technologies involved including distillation, reverse osmosis, the use of RO membranes, forward osmosis and low temperature techniques. It goes on to review the practical stages involved in the desalination process, the costs involved and the potential environmental impact.

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Borehole water wells

Borehole Water, Wells & Private Water Supplies

In this expert guide the specialists at Water Treatment Services take an in-depth look at the construction and on-going management of borehole water wells and private water supplies for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. The guide reviews the things you need to consider before you start drilling; together with the consent process, licensing and registration. It goes on to examine the regulations dealing with private water supplies, and the need for water quality testing and effective borehole water treatment and disinfection processes.

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Trade effluent and liquid waste management

Trade Effluent & Liquid Waste Management

In this expert guide the industrial wastewater specialists at Water Treatment Services take a detailed look at issues associated with the treatment of trade effluent and management of liquid waste in commercial, industrial and process environments.

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Testing aerobic colony counts in water

Testing Total Aerobic Colony Counts in Water

Total Aerobic Colony Counts, commonly abbreviated using the acronym TACC, is one of the most misunderstood aspects of water quality analysis and microbiological testing. Partly it’s because microbiologists and water management professionals are so accustomed to using jargon that it becomes second nature, and they don’t realise that the terms they are using baffles and confuses the layman. Then when they’re asked to explain Total Aerobic Colony Counts in words of one syllable, they get all tied up in complicated scientific knots, and are unable to articulate simply what they are talking about.

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10 causes of industrial equipment-failure

10 Causes of Industrial Plant and Equipment Failure

This technical guidance examines the top 10 causes of industrial plant and equipment failure. It looks at issues such as corrosion, external loading, physical impact, pressure, temperature, vibration, the effects of poor maintenance and defective equipment, human error and other issues and how they impact the safety and performance of plant and equipment used in industrial and process environments. Read more