Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection

Cooling tower cleaning

Expert tower cleaning, disinfection and engineering repair solutions.

Water Treatment Services is a leading environmental engineering specialist offering a full range of services including cooling tower cleaning, disinfection, surveys and inspections, repairs, and maintenance services covering all types and sizes of tower installation.

Our cleaning and disinfection solutions address the common problems of tower scaling, fouling and microbial contamination that can affect the cleanliness, safety and performance of all cooling towers.

Our services are delivered by in-field water treatment and engineering experts who combine the latest high performance equipment and treatment techniques to help restore cooling performance, clean and disinfect tower components; extend asset life-cycles and improve safety and regulatory compliance issues.

Expert cooling tower cleaning & disinfection

Our expert cooling tower water treatment, cleaning, disinfection, engineering support solutions include:

  • Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection

    Comprehensive cooling tower cleaning and disinfection techniques to restore system performance, maintain cleanliness and meet the requirements of the HSE’s ACOP L8 and HSG274 Part 1.

  • Water Treatment & Servicing

    Professional cooling tower water treatment programmes using the latest high performance cooling water technologies, water softeners, and dosing and data control equipment.

  • Tower Pack Cleaning

    Cooling tower pack inspection and cleaning solutions to restore cooling performance, reduce energy costs and meet the compliance standards set in the HSE’s ACOP L8 and HSG274.

  • Tower Engineering, Repair & Refurbishment

    Complete cooling tower engineering, repair and refurbishment solutions to improve plant performance and reliability, and extend asset life-cycles.

  • Laboratory Testing

    Water sampling and laboratory testing for legionella bacteria and other parameters.

Full national UK coverage

With offices in London serving the South and South East England, Manchester (North West), Birmingham (Midlands), Bristol (South East England and Wales), Leeds (North and North East) and Glasgow (Scotland), supported by regional teams of specially trained water treatment engineers, site service specialists and technical experts Water Treatment Services offer professional, cost effective tower cleaning, disinfection, engineering support solutions to organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Contact us today to learn how our expert cooling tower and engineering support solutions can help you to improve standards of cleanliness, restore cooling performance, optimise costs, reduce downtime, increase plant reliability, and improve safety and regulatory compliance. To speak with one of our experts call us on 0330 223 31 31 or simply use the button below to get our full contact details or submit our contact form.

Why use cooling towers?

Cooling towers are an essential component in many industrial, commercial and manufacturing processes where equipment, air, gasses, fluids and other materials are required to be cooled in some way. For example, evaporative cooling systems are used to remove heat from machinery and process materials, and to cool air from working environments (HVAC and air conditioning systems).

However, if such cooling installations are not maintained effectively, cleaned and disinfected regularly they can become unreliable, inefficient and more seriously, become a major source of dangerous bacteria, not least of which is Legionella bacteria, the bacterium responsible for the potentially fatal condition Legionnaires’ disease.

How to register cooling towers & evaporative condensers

In the UK if you operate a cooling tower or evaporative condenser at your site you must, under the Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992 (learn more about the regulations here) write to your local authority to let them know. You will need to confirm the location of the tower and give details about how often it is used.

Cooling tower water treatment & legionella control

In order to manage a cooling tower effectively, control levels of Legionella bacteria, minimise the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and so comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice ACOP L8 and HSG274 Part 1, an effective cooling tower water treatment programme should be introduced and maintained at all times while the tower is operational. This water treatment programme would typically include detailed procedures for the operation of the cooling tower supported by a suitable chemical water treatment regimen.

Regular monitoring and testing of the cooling water will also be required to validate the control measures, together with sampling and legionella tests at least every three months. The cooling tower system will also require cleaning and disinfecting regularly.

Additionally, under the HSE’s ACOP L8 you will also need to:

  • Responsible Person

    Appoint a responsible person, someone who is suitably competent and with sufficient authority and knowledge of the water systems to ensure compliance with the law.

  • Written Scheme

    Prepare a detailed written scheme to control the risks.

  • Implement, Manage & Monitor

    Implement, manage and monitor the risk control measures.

  • Record Keeping

    Maintain records of results and what you do to control the risks.

Cooling tower water treatment, cleaning & disinfection

Such maintenance programmes should incorporate regular cleaning and disinfection of the cooling tower, tower pack and any other components prone to fouling. Such an approach will help to remove unwanted biofouling, scale deposition and other environmental materials that may have entered the cooling system and that could provide an ideal growth environment for legionella and other bacteria. Such cooling tower cleaning and disinfection activities should be carried out at regular intervals. Our cooling tower specialists would typically carry out detailed inspections and advise on the following:

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Water treatment programme
  • Regulatory and ACOP L8 compliance
  • Scale removal
  • Air inlets and nozzles
  • Tower, layer and timber packs
  • Splash guards
  • Drift eliminators and frames
  • Tower walls
  • Sumps and ponds

Since many industrial towers in the UK are not traditionally in operation throughout the year, it is also sensible to ensure they are carefully maintained, serviced, cleaned and disinfected prior to start-up, and also once their period of use is over.

Tower cleaning & disinfection procedures

Water Treatment Services use the most effective cleaning techniques and procedures to ensure every part of a cooling tower is professionally cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards.

Our teams of highly trained cooling tower water treatment engineers use the latest high performance techniques to achieve industry leading standards of sterilisation and cleanliness.

To ensure complete satisfaction Water Treatment Services perform a thorough three stage cooling tower cleaning and disinfection procedure as follows.

  • Initial Disinfection

    Our cooling tower cleaning and disinfection procedures initially involve a thorough chlorination of the cooling tower and its components as a first stage disinfection. This treatment would also incorporate an additional bio-dispersant to help remove accumulated biofouling from the tower system.

  • Manual Cleaning

    The second stage involves a thorough manual clean of the tower components to remove stubborn microbial growth, scaling and other unwanted fouling.

  • Final Disinfection

    Once the manual clean is complete and verified by our technicians to ensure the tower is free of unwanted fouling a final post chlorination of the system is carried-out. Once this final disinfection phase is completed the cooling tower is then returned safely to service and a formal “Completion of Works” certificate issued.

Cooling tower pack inspection & cleaning

Cooling tower packing forms an integral part of a wet cooling installation and can be vulnerable to the accumulation of unwanted debris and other fouling. It therefore needs to be maintained and kept in a good, clean condition.

As part of our comprehensive cooling tower maintenance services we can perform detailed inspections of tower packs either by removing them or where this is impractical by using specialist inspection equipment.

We offer full tower pack cleaning (either pack removal or in-situ cleaning) and replacement services to ensure your cooling tower and packing is clean and fully compliant with the HSE’s ACOP L8 and HSG274 Part 1.

Cooling tower engineering, repair & refurbishment

Water Treatment Services offer an expert cooling tower engineering service and can inspect, repair and refurbish most cooling tower installations to extend their life and ensure they continue to operate reliably, safely and at optimum efficiency.

Typically our cooling tower repair and refurbishment services can include repairs or replacement of the following:

  • Tower packing.
  • Drift eliminators.
  • Air inlet louvres.
  • Spray nozzles.
  • Cooling fan repairs.
  • Maintenance of cooling distribution systems.
  • Sump painting and recoating.
  • New protective coatings.

Is your business fully protected?

It is easy to assume that a good water treatment programme will be enough to keep your cooling tower operating efficiently, clean and free from legionella and other bacteria.

However, as we can see, a programme that includes a planned deep-clean and disinfection process will ensure your business consistently meets its requirements and remains compliant with the law.

Expert cooling tower cleaning & disinfection services

Contact Water Treatment Services today to discuss your cooling tower cleaning, disinfection and maintenance requirements. We can provide expert advice and professional in-field support for most cooling towers.

With offices in London serving the South and South East England, Manchester (North West), Birmingham (Midlands), Bristol (South East England and Wales), Leeds (North and North East) and Glasgow (Scotland), supported by regional teams of specially trained engineers, in-field water treatment service specialists and technical experts we can offer professional, cost effective cooling tower cleaning, disinfection and engineering support services across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Contact us today for more information or for your FREE, no obligation quote.

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