Air Quality Testing & Assessments, LEV Testing & Air Hygiene

WTS offer a range of expert indoor air quality testing and assessments, local exhaust ventilation testing and air hygiene solutions developed to assess, evaluate and manage air quality and other environmental issues that can affect the safety of workplace environments and the health and well-being of building occupants.

Our air quality, ventilation and air hygiene services include:

Ductwork cleaning

Ductwork Cleaning for HVAC & Kitchen Extract Ventilation

expert ventilation ductwork cleaning and disinfection services for all commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); air duct distribution and kitchen extract systems.

All our duct cleaning contracts are carried out by experienced air hygiene specialists, strictly in accordance with the latest industry standards including BESA TR19 dealing with the internal cleanliness of ventilation systems, and BS EN 15780 to ensure all required regulatory and insurance standards are met.

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Indoor air quality testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing & Assessment

Expert indoor air quality testing and assessments involving comprehensive air quality testing, air monitoring, sample collection, laboratory analysis, and air flow investigations.

Our professional indoor air quality services are delivered by specialists who use the latest testing and analysis equipment to identify and then manage air quality standards and other environmental issues that can affect the quality of internal workplace environments and the health and well-being of building occupants.

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Local exhaust ventilation testing

Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing

Specialist workplace air and ventilation safety assessment solutions specifically for Local Exhaust Ventilation systems including LEV testing and inspection.

Our Local Exhaust Ventilation testing and inspection services are delivered by fully trained LEV experts who use the latest testing equipment and laboratory analysis techniques to identify and manage exhaust ventilation performance standards; and potential for exposure to harmful dust, mist, fumes, gas and other airborne contaminants in the workplace.

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Mould testing

Mould Testing & Exposure Investigations

Specialist environmental solutions for workplace exposure investigations, mould testing, indoor air quality assessments and Sick Building Syndrome surveys.

The presence of mould and fungal spores in the workplace, home or office is not just unsightly, it can carry real health risks if left unresolved. Investigating exposure to mould and the spores it produces inside the buildings we live and work in, especially when the health of building occupants is at risk, is an essential step when unexplained mould growth occurs.

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