Expert Courses for Legionella Awareness, Responsible Person & Duty Holders

Expert Courses for Legionella Awareness, Responsible Person & Duty Holders

A variety of in-depth legionella courses is now available from Water Treatment Services. Delivered by leading industry experts the courses range from an introductory legionella awareness course up to an in-depth course developed for duty holders, the responsible person and those with more onerous responsibilities in this safety critical area of compliance.

Our legionella and water safety experts have poured the experience and knowledge they have amassed from treating all manner of water systems for Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens into our awareness training, responsible person and other courses, so you too can benefit from enhancing your knowledge.

Complying with the law & awareness training

Every business with a water system of some kind, from water or cooling towers to hot tubs, needs to be sure the health and safety requirements regarding Legionnaires’ disease and the control of Legionella bacteria are being met.

Appointing a Responsible Person to do this can be a challenge, since you must be sure that person is indeed responsible, has the authority and resources to fulfil their obligations, and equally as important is competent to do the job correctly.

This is where our training courses come in. Water Treatment Services provides extensive and in-depth legionella training designed for those individuals who have responsibility in this area of health and safety, more on our training courses here… training →

Legionella awareness & risk assessment training

Knowing how to perform a proper risk assessment for legionella is very important. You must be aware of the likely risks posed by any water sources or systems at your business premises. Once these risks have been identified and recorded it is easier to put together a proper treatment plan to keep the risks in check. This programme is often referred to as a scheme of control.

Responsible person courses

There are other courses available that delve more deeply into aspects surrounding the control of legionella, the need to be aware of Legionnaires’ disease and how it occurs, and how various water systems should be checked and treated.

You can choose the most appropriate training course for your needs according to your business and the water systems that are present there.

From spas to leisure centres and through to industries with cooling water systems and cooling towers, everyone can become more aware of the risks.

These courses also reveal how to test for Legionella bacteria and how to create a proper water treatment programme to ensure the risks are kept at an acceptable level.

Avoid the potential consequences of a lack of legionella awareness

In many cases where an isolated outbreak of Legionnaires’ comes to light, the cause is often found to have occurred because one or more businesses or managers were unaware of their responsibilities in this safety critical area. Even if you believe you are fully aware of your responsibilities and the requirements you have to meet, can you be certain you have ticked all the boxes?

One good way to improve the rigor of your compliance activities is to invest in good quality Legionella training as provided in several courses by Water Treatment Services. With offices in London serving the South and South East England, Manchester (North West), Birmingham (Midlands), Bristol (South East England and Wales), Leeds (North and North East) and Glasgow (Scotland), supported by regional teams of experienced trainers, specially trained engineers, site service specialists and technical experts we can offer Legionella training courses and water management solutions across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Contact us today to learn how our expert legionella awarenes training, duty holder and responsible person courses, and wider risk management support solutions can help improve what you do… contact us →

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Expert Courses for Legionella Awareness, Responsible Person & Duty Holders
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Expert Courses for Legionella Awareness, Responsible Person & Duty Holders
Expert Legionella awareness training & responsible person training courses delivered by industry specialists. Learn about water safety & the control of Legionnaires’ disease & Legionella bacteria in the workplace.
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