Guide to the UK's carbon economy

Guide to the UK’s Low Carbon Economy

The world is facing some serious economic and environmental challenges that will impact us all. Building a cleaner, greener economy will be essential for our future… and to do this will require a whole host of measures including reductions in energy intensity, improving energy efficiencies, switching to cleaner greener fuels and securing more sustainable energy supplies, to name but a few. This presentation looks at the measures now being taken to build the UK’s low carbon economy, what’s required, and how the UK is leading the world in this important area.

The UK’s Low Carbon Economy

We face some serious economic and environmental problems as a global society. Our actions have had consequences. However, businesses around the world are seeing opportunities in navigating a way out of the situation towards a cleaner and greener economy.

Reducing energy intensity, switching to cleaner fuels, making efficiency savings and securing sustainable energy supplies will all be part of the mix. – Will need new legislation, product innovation and guidance from those in the know.

We will need to change the way we build our homes, the way we travel, the way we grow our food, manufacture our goods and dispose of our waste. The challenges are big but the opportunities are bigger. Thankfully global problems galvanize global pioneers who strive for solutions.

Guide to the UK’s Growing Green Sector

Let’s take a look at the UK for example… a country better known for its love of cricket, afternoon tea, big Ben and bowler hatted business men… our guide to the UK’s growing green sector.

As we are in the capital you may know that back in 2008 the UK government took the bold move, of becoming the first in the world to set legally binding carbon reduction targets promising at least an 80% reduction by 2050. Needless to say it’s been a catalyst for investment and innovation across all sectors of the UK economy.

The Brits are a clever bunch perhaps best known for their eccentric inventors and entrepreneurs, from the telescope to the television it happened here. It’s no wonder really with four of the top 10 universities in the world and that’s not to mention the host of leading climate change research institutes.

Creating a Cleaner Economy

But the British brains of today are turning their thoughts to the challenges of the 21st century using their know how to create a cleaner economy.

You may have noticed that it gets a bit windy here in the UK, well using this to our advantage we’ve become the world leader in small scale and off shore wind power, using expertise developed in the deep sea oil and gas industry and with government support developing infrastructure we’ve built the largest offshore wind capacity in the world.

The UK’s Green Investment Bank

With clean energy investments on the up and the governments new green investment bank there’s never been a better time to develop clean power and profits – Now where there is wind there are waves, and where there are waves and tides you can generate energy.

The UK has advanced marine energy research centres dotted around the coast, and we now hold over 40percent of the technology patents. Riding the wave of marine and wind energy success our renewable energy consultants are taking their low carbon expertise around the globe.

Environmental Expertise & Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative partnerships have put UK businesses on the right track reducing risk, sharing expertise and maximising opportunities. Take the transport industry for example it’s responsible for nearly a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions and growing. However in the UK collaborative organisations in the auto industry are bringing together the supply chain to drive down emissions. It’s no wonder the company’s like Nissan and manufacturing their new electric vehicle in the UK and that Ford is investing an impressive 1.5 billion pounds in research and development.

Smarter Buildings & Cleaner Cities

But it is not just the global car giants, home-grown companies are revolutionizing the commercial transport industry by manufacturing energy efficient tear drop lorries and electric vans to help their clients cut costs and carbon. From bitumen to bricks believe it or not the built environment accounts for 50% of our energy use. However with innovative networks and proven international standards setting a global benchmark the UK is creating a blueprint for smarter buildings and cleaner cities.

Our expert engineering and architecture firms are paving the way for sustainable spaces around the globe, spearheading developments in the deserts of Abu Dhabi to the bustling streets of Beijing. Opportunities don’t arise and businesses don’t thrive without the right mix of conditions. There needs to be supportive legislation, entrepreneurship, talent, market potential, investment opportunities and that little extra something that makes Britain… well great.

Cutting Edge Clean Energy Investment & Carbon Reporting

Our leading professional and financial services companies are thriving as carbon policy and legislation spreads throughout Europe and the world but this isn’t by magic. The UK’s know how keeps our corporations at the cutting edge of the global policy, clean energy investment and carbon reporting.

As companies and countries the world over gear up to tackle the environmental and economic challenges we face, the UK’s low carbon crown makes it the global hub for clean green solutions whatever the industry.

If you would like to find out more about the UK’s leading low-carbon capabilities or investment opportunities visit

The Low Carbon Economy – UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

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Guide to the UK’s Low Carbon Economy
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